Two countries worth visiting in Europe

In addition to the previously recommended trips to Western Europe, Spain and Portugal are also worth seeing. They are located on the westernmost point of the Iberian Peninsula in Asia and Europe. Needless to say, the beautiful scenery and the favorable price are also touching. Even in the peak season, there will not be as many tourists as in Western Europe. It can be said that it is one of the top tourist destinations in Europe in terms of cost-effectiveness, so it is highly recommended.

Although I have heard of these two countries, my friends talked about it, which may be football, Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Atletico Lisbon and other internationally renowned teams. The cities they know are limited to Lisbon, Madrid and Barcelona. But there’s much more to travelling about these two countries.

Let’s talk about Spain first.
If you are visiting Europe for the first time, you can travel to Spain,
If you have already traveled to other European countries, you should travel to Spain.
As one of the countries with the most cultural heritage in the world, Spain has cultural heritage throughout the country. The cultural heritage cities around Madrid, the architectural art of Barcelona, ​​the “Three Pearls” of Andalusia (Sevilla, Cordoba, Granada) … each different city has a unique charm Let’s talk one by one.

1. Madrid

When traveling to Spain, Madrid, the capital, is one of the essential places to go. If you want to know the past of Spain, you must also come here, because major events in history are almost all related to Madrid.


Here is not only the Spanish Royal Palace, one of the three largest European palaces, second only to the Palace of Versailles in France, but also the Royal Palace in Vienna, Austria. Department store.


If you come to Madrid, there are many cities worth visiting in the surrounding area. The last two cities, one is the famous Segovia and the other is Toledo.

Segovia has the most complete preserved Roman aqueduct bridge. The waterway bridge is about 800 meters in length. It is the largest ancient Roman ruins in Spain. The entire bridge is made of granite. There is no cement, no nails, magical axe, and imposing manner It has provided water to the town for two thousand years, it is an admirable great building, and it is also the most majestic and best preserved Roman ruins on the Iberian Peninsula.


Segovia has a famous dish-Spanish roasted suckling pig.


The grilled suckling pig restaurant Meson de Candido, located next to Suido Bridge, is a century-old restaurant in Segovia. It is made with piglets less than three weeks old. Before enjoying, the shop will cut the whole pork on a plate and divide it. The meat is tender and crispy. There are many celebrity diners, and the King of Spain once visited it.


In addition, there is a castle on the hill of Segovia-Alcazarde Segovia. Its shape is like a distinctive sailboat. The blue roof is like a sail. Many Spanish The king has lived here. It is said that the prototype of the Snow White Castle built by Disney later was taken from this castle, and a personal visit will have the illusion of being in a fairy tale world.


Toledo, an ancient city 70 kilometers from Madrid, was the capital of Spain in the Middle Ages. It was named a World Heritage Site in 1986 and still retains the features of medieval Europe, so it is called “a city that stopped in the 16th century”. Now strolling through the once glorious cathedral and ancient castle in the old town of Toledo, you can still feel the prosperity of that year.


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2. Barcelona

Barcelona is known as the pearl of the Mediterranean, and in this city known as “Gaudí” in architectural art, it is full of art. Finding Gaudi’s footprint has become an essential part of your trip to Barcelona.


Sagrada Família, a world-famous landmark, was designed by Gaudi. It has a sacred atmosphere with a dynamic design of nature, but Gaudi did not have the opportunity to witness its completion before his death. It is still expected to be completed by 2026. It is the only church under construction in the world and has been named the world The heritage building can be called a miracle in the history of architecture.


When traveling in Barcelona, ​​the buildings related to Gaudí are of course not only the Sagrada Familia, but also the House of Mira, Park Guell, the House of Batllo, and so on. These famous buildings can be preserved to this day, and they have become legends, and they can be encountered during travel, which is also very lucky.


In addition to Gaudí, Barcelona is close to the Mediterranean Sea and has a pleasant climate all year round, which attracts many tourists. It looks a bit like Paris in France and Vienna in Austria, but the entire city is like a checkerboard layout with unique features.


There are many restaurants in Spain that eat paella. Paella should be one of the must-have meals when traveling to Spain. They use rice from Valencia, plus broth, onions, saffron, seafood or chicken legs. Yes, after being stewed in a large pan, the seafood and soup are completely contained in the rice noodles, which is simply delicious on earth.


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Before chatting with many Spanish people, I asked them where you like Spain the most. Many people answered that the southern Andalusia region also told me that Andalusia is the most Spanish place, especially Be sure to go to Seville. When it comes to Seville, it is really where Spain came from. It was the era of great discoveries. It was the most glorious time in Spain. When was a ship and a ship of gold and silver transported back from the colonies of South America? When you came to Spain, the first city you entered was Seville.


Sunlight, olive oil, flamenco, sangria are all signs of Seville. There are many squares in Spain, and the Spanish Square in Seville is known as the most beautiful square in Spain.


I like the Spanish’s enthusiasm, unrestrained, free and easy, simple, most of them refer to the Spanish in the south, they love the beautiful life, love the art, can be felt in the streets of Seville.

Except for Seville, Granada must and cannot be mentioned in Andalusia. This city, which was once inhabited by Arabs for hundreds of years, was eventually withdrawn by the Arabs after the successful restoration of Spain in 1492, but left a treasure trove of artistic treasures.


The Alhambra is located on a hill on the outskirts of Granada. It means “red fort” in Arabic. This Moorish palace built six hundred or seven hundred years ago is Arab architecture and gardening art The pinnacle of his work is now listed as a World Heritage Site.


In addition to the beautiful Arab palaces, it is also famous for the famous Spanish Tapas and Sangria. When you come to Spain, you must not miss the essence of these two Spanish food cultures.

Tapas is the national quintessence of Spanish food. Tapas is found in almost all large restaurants and small restaurants. Tapas in Spanish means “Cover” in English, which is to spread different ingredients on a small bread, supplemented with olive oil and cheese. I especially like to eat this, roll it directly, or put it in bread, it is very fragrant and melts at the entrance, it is really a representative of Spanish cuisine.


Sangria, derived from winepunch (mixed micro-alcoholic beverages) in Spain, is the national wine of Spain. It mainly uses wine as the base wine, and is soaked with seasonal fruits in the season. Then add some lemon soda or Blends of rum or brandy are very refreshing.


If you want to travel to the south, Ronda and Mijas beside Granada are also indispensable in the route.

Ronda is a relatively small town in southern Spain. The city is not big, but it has a good reputation. This city has Spain’s first bullring. Standing on the new bridge beside the bullring, all you can see are romantic mountains. Hemingway once wrote in the novel “Dead in the Afternoon”: “If you want to go to Spain for a honeymoon or run away with people, Ronda is the most suitable place. The whole city is full of romantic scenery.


In fact, the second sentence is that if you haven’t eloped in Ronda, you can go to Paris to find another new one.

Mijas is indeed a small town known as the balcony of the Mediterranean. The whole town is located on a hill. The whole building is mainly blue and white. The roof is red tile. The courtyard of each town The outside is covered with flowers, which attracts many tourists.


There are still a lot of places to see in Spain. Since they are here, you can choose to see more places. Let’s talk about Spain’s neighbor, Portugal.
In fact, as far as Portugal’s tourism resources are concerned, it is entirely possible to go alone. But because most people think that Portugal is closer to Spain, they went together. Then in flight selection, it is recommended to go to Portugal for two days, and then end the trip plan in Spain. After flying for so long to the Iberian Peninsula, it is good to see the two countries together.


As for when to say when to come, Portugal’s climate is good all year round. The cold is not too cold and the heat is not very hot, so you can come any time. In history, Portugal itself is a maritime power with many historical and cultural sites. The population is now 10 million, but there are still many places to see. The first is the capital Lisbon.

1. Lisbon


St. George’s Castle on the hill, spectacular harbour and narrow streets, elegant tree-lined avenues and cross-sea bridges. The old town has preserved all the beauty of the past. The old city streets and simple folk customs are other modern European cities No sight.


Here is Pastel de Belém, a century-old Portuguese egg tart, where you can experience a Portuguese tea time. After tarts, take a Lisbon tram ride and head to the commercial square Praca do Comercio (also known as Palace Square) in the city center and the Arco da Rua Augusta on Augusta Street to experience the colorful streets and alleys in Portugal Shuttle fun.


Many people join groups or travel on their own, staying in Lisbon for one night or less and leaving. In fact, I highly recommend looking at the cities around Lisbon, Porto is one of them.

2. Porto

Many people may be confused between Bordeaux and Porto because of translation problems. This is because in Latin, porto means port and port. Bordeaux has become a well-known red wine producing area in France. In fact, Porto in Portugal is also a famous wine product, but it produces famous port wine. Therefore, Porto is also called “the wine capital”.


Only wines produced in Portugal’s Douro Valley can be called “ Port Wine ” in the world, and Portugal has more than 200 native grape varieties. To make port wine, you need to select at least 4 from the designated 70 Portuguese grape varieties. It is mixed with each kind of grapes, and each grape variety can give the wine a special flavor. If you have the opportunity to go, be sure to taste it.


It is located in the famous landmark of Porto, the Don Lewis I Bridge, but is known as the sister work with the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Built in 1886, designed by German architect teophile seyrig, he was the designer and business partner of Gustave Eiffel, the designer of the Eiffel Tower. Now it has become a popular spot in Porto, and tourists will take photos with them when they arrive.


Albufeira, a city in southern Portugal, is also a European seaside resort. This white seaside town is famous for its long cultural history and stunning beaches. Built by the Arabs, it still retains the narrow and winding streets of the time. The streets have stretched to the beach, and the surrounding beach has become a scene facing the sea.


Regarding these two countries, there are too many places to experience. If the lines are arranged properly, it can be easily played. Spain and Portugal are really two places to visit, arrange the right trips, bring the right people, and travel together.

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