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Today, I mainly introduce the purchase strategy of air tickets during travel, so that your travel will be smoother. In my experience, the cost of a flight ticket and a hotel account for about 1/3 of the total cost, and as long as you are willing to spend a little time thinking Above, these two items are the most likely to save money.

Air ticket purchase strategy

1.Plan ahead, focus on promotions, book in advance

Plan ahead, not the sooner you buy a ticket, the cheaper it is, but more time to focus on discount information; set an expected price, and decisively start with a good discount.
Every airline basically has a promotion (airline member day), and the promotion is a long time in advance to promote future tickets; each airline is different, some will be one year in advance, and some months in advance. Be sure to pay attention!
You can wait and see for a few months, but it is best to make a reservation two weeks before departure (one is because most of the tickets departing within two weeks are not well discounted, and the other is two weeks to facilitate hotel, itinerary, etc.).

2.Price comparison site search, priority official website booking

Compare fares from multiple airlines and compare fares from multiple third-party platforms.
You can also compare multiple airports in the same city. For example, NYC includes three major airports in New York (EWR, JFK, LGA), TYO includes two major airports in Tokyo (NRT, HND), and PAR includes two major airports in Paris (CDG, ORY ) and many more.
However, it is not recommended to book through the agent linked to the price comparison website, and it is recommended to book the corresponding airline official website.

Benefits of booking on the official website
• reliable
• Timely notification of aerospace change information, convenient for refunding and changing visas, without having to go through a third party as an agent
• Low price guarantee

3.Connecting flights is cheaper than direct flights, making good use of connecting services

Reasonably avoid the more crowded cities, after the first non-crowded cities, then transfer or transfer.

Due to the international air ticket pricing mechanism and airlines’ strategy to attract passengers, connecting flights is cheaper than direct flights in most cases.

Use time and energy to get low fares. When time permits, making good use of the transfer service can not only make the trip more comfortable, but also take the opportunity to stroll around the transit city.

Free transfer service (free board and lodging, free transit visa, etc.) must meet certain conditions. For details, please refer to the airline’s official website.

4.Changing thinking, business class may be more cost-effective

Business Class Comfort: Priority check-in, lounge, cabin services, large planes can lie flat, etc. If you choose Business Class decisively when the difference between the two is not high, the accumulated mileage value may exceed the difference.

5.Choose cheap airlines carefully, beware of price traps

For various reasons such as economy, many people will choose cheap tickets, and cheap tickets are more worthy of caution.
The reason why cheap airlines are cheap is not that the quality of his aircraft is not good, but that he has omitted a lot of additional on-board services, such as meals, blankets, consignments, etc., and many flights are also red-eye flights, and the flight time not good.
Cheap flights are more suitable for short-haul routes.
If you are not particularly concerned about the ride experience, such as the machine meal is not particularly good or there is no machine meal, the small model seats are not spacious, the noise is a bit loud, the free checked baggage has less or no free check-in, you can try cheap airlines .

Price Trap for Cheap Airline
• Airport check-in and printing boarding pass charge (receive free online check-in in advance to print boarding pass)
• Checked baggage is required to collect money (it is recommended to buy luggage online in advance, which is much cheaper than buying it at the airport)
• Seat selection is charged
• Charges for meals on board
• Some budget airlines do not have a refund service. If you miss or cannot fly for some reason, the ticket will be void.
• If the time and place are temporarily changed, the airline will charge extra fees, and sometimes the value of the fees exceeds all the costs originally purchased.

In addition, most European low-cost airports are far away from the city, and the time and economic cost of transportation must be taken into account. For example, the airport Wizz Air Sofia flies to Paris is BVA (Beauvais Airport), which is more than 100 kilometers from the center of Paris, and the bus costs about 17 euros for two hours.
This must be taken into consideration when connecting flights, such as Rome to Paris, connecting Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) to Beijing flights, if you choose low-cost airlines to ORY airport, you must consider the time and cost of ORY to CDG.

6.Change website country, language, find low price

Many airline companies have websites in different countries and languages, and the price of the same itinerary will generally be different, or even very different.
Two major experiences: First, booking a domestic ticket of a country to the airline’s official website and choosing the country’s official language is cheaper; second, booking an international flight from country A to country B. Compare the website of country A’s official website and country B’s official website Even C official website

7.Priority purchase of round-trip tickets

Buying a round-trip ticket is cheaper than buying multiple one-way tickets. Airlines usually hope that passengers also choose their flights on the return trip to increase the occupancy rate, so buying an international round-trip ticket is a lot cheaper than buying two one-way tickets.

Round-trip transfers> Round-trip non-stop> Round-trip openings> Two transfers one-way> Two non-stop one-way sequences are cost-effective from high to low

8.How to buy a ticket for traveling with a baby

Children’s air tickets are divided into infant tickets, child tickets and adult tickets.

Infant ticket: Children between 14 days and 2 years of age need to purchase an infant ticket. The general price is 10% of the full price, no machine construction and fuel costs are included, and a 10kg baggage allowance is included.

Children’s Tickets: Children’s tickets for 2 to 12 years old are generally half the price of regular-priced air tickets, while 50% off taxes and fees, fuel reduction, and the same amount of luggage as adults.

Of course, sometimes this may be more expensive than an adult’s ticket, so most domestic airlines support buying an adult’s ticket if the child’s ticket is more expensive than an adult’s ticket.
If the conversion is cheaper than an adult’s ticket, just buy it as a cheaper child ticket.

Adult tickets: Children over 12 years old, buy tickets just like adults.

9.Reasonable use of points to exchange tickets

Many credit cards are credit cards cooperating with airlines, and sometimes they have the right to use the VIP lounge for free. Spending credit cards can accumulate airline points, and points can be redeemed for free fake tickets. The points used in general promotions are cheaper, and the same The airline alliance can be exchanged for each other.
You can also let others add you to the assignee. Buying other people’s points to redeem tickets can often save thousands of dollars.

Officially announced the airline alliance:
Airlines around the world are roughly divided into three alliances, SkyTeam, Star Alliance, and Oneworld.
The airlines of the same alliance cooperate with each other and can exchange points for each other, as well as share flights, that is, consignment sales.
After flying, remember to accumulate your points on your own points membership card. Each airline has its own membership system, which is free of charge. The airlines of the same alliance can accumulate each other. It is recommended to accumulate the most commonly used one. Card. The points that can be accumulated for each position are often different. The first class of business class accumulates more, but the ticket price is more expensive and the service is relatively good. But there are special circumstances.

Air ticket purchase strategy

Tips and Risk Handling Written Behind

  • The best date to grab a ticket every week is Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday morning and Sunday. The most expensive ticket is Friday, and it is cheapest to book tickets in the morning. Of course, this is only general.
  • Set price reminders. If you start planning your next trip early, you can set price reminders.
  • Pay attention to whether the baggage allowance is included. For example, AirAsia’s air tickets are bare metal prices. When you compare, you must pay attention to it. You can’t simply compare the fares. And if there is luggage checked, you must buy the checked amount in advance, the airport check price will be expensive!
  • The advantage of a joint ticket is much greater than that of a non-join ticket!
  • Don’t place a lot of orders when buying air tickets, it is easy to occupy seats, because the price of seats on the plane is different, you have occupied the seat on the order, this low price is gone, the price will be It ’s higher, so you can wait. The seat is automatically canceled and you may search lower.
  • When you get a ticket, you must choose a seat in advance.
    ①You can choose the seat you like
    ②The airline will sell more tickets according to the percentage of passengers who have n’t been seated in history. If there is overbooking, you wo n’t have a seat late. Although it can help you coordinate flight changes, it ’s too frustrating for you.
  • Be sure to check if the ticket number is correct after purchasing the ticket.
  • Subscription airline Newsletter pays attention to discount information. For example, Qatar Airways and Etihad Airways have promotions every month; AirAsia has ultra-low-price promotions more than half a year in advance; China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines have member day discounts.
  • How to refund or reschedule?
    ①The plan can’t keep up with the changes, and occasionally encounters the need to refund or reschedule. However, the discount fees for buying discount tickets are generally high, and sometimes the refund fee is higher than the fare.
    ②If the departure date is still far away, you can wait for the flight change (flight cancellation or flight time change), then you can refund or change the ticket for free.
    ③We have not waited for such an opportunity near the departure date. It is recommended to check the fare rule and contact the airline company to refund or change the ticket before the deadline to reduce losses.
    ④If you still want to find a time to go in the future, you can reserve the ticket as an open ticket, it can be reserved for one year, and you can call to make an appointment within one year.

The above is a guide to booking air tickets in travel. Travel is a practice and a way of life. It allows us to come into contact with different cultures and the power of awesome nature.

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