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Longjing Manor tour guide

This article shares with you the Longjing Caotang Travel Guide in Hangzhou Travel Guide. Longjing Manor is very famous in Hangzhou and even in China.

Longjing Manor Travel Guide

“Longjing Manor” is the full name of Hangzhou Longjing Manor Catering Co., Ltd., which has the elegant and simple style of Jiangnan classical gardens, simple and natural, small islands in the water, small bridges on the water surface, and twists and turns. Terraces, buildings, pavilions, corridors, or haunting among green trees, or walking between rockery, really have a sense of wonderland on earth.

Longjing Manor Travel Guide

Longjing Manor, relying on a wild ancient garden in the south of the Yangtze River, Yiyuan, adhering to the theme of “unique green mountains and waters, but also a whale swim”. The garden-like environment, the entire restaurant is located in the garden of more than 20 acres of pavilions. However, there are only 8 boxes and no seats are provided. There are four boxes for Qinqi calligraphy and painting; three guest courtyards, including Zhu De Hall, Chairman Hall and Enlai Hall; and a Kurong Pavilion. Kurong Pavilion has the best scenery and a floor-to-ceiling window.

Longjing Manor Travel Guide

The most special thing about Longjing Manor is that it doesn’t let you order, what to eat. The displays are all “antiques received from the farmhouse”, the small box “places the Eight Immortals Table”, the large box can accommodate 12-15 people, and the elegant seat can drink tea.

Longjing Manor Travel Guide

The dishes at Longjing Manor are also said to be very special, and they are “acquired from the farmers of the city that day.” Pork is said to have been purchased from a designated place in the countryside one or two hundred kilometers away. It’s wild. The vegetables are grown by the farmers themselves. The chef does not use MSG for cooking, but uses broth. Every dish is “explained by someone”, there are many high-end customers, and it is difficult to book a place.

Longjing Manor Travel Guide

The parking lot is not very big, after all there are only eight private rooms, and no large parking lot is needed.

All in all: the small bridge is flowing, the winding path is quiet, not so much to enjoy the scenery as Longjing Manor; the restaurant built in the private estate, the dishes are also unambiguous, 30 pounds can stir-fry the tenderest of a small plate Caixin, boiled with anchovies repeatedly until the fish soup is creamy “Unknown Hero”, the menu will be adjusted at any time, the raw materials are not polluted, and the dishes are pursuing original flavor. In addition to being expensive, there are no other disadvantages.

Ⅰ. Introduction of Longjing Manor Restaurant

Longjing Manor is located in a garden of more than 20 acres of pavilions and pavilions. The furnishings inside are some farm antiques, and the outside terrace can be enjoyed with tea. The menu is very special and is written on the antique folding fan. The dishes in the restaurant pay attention to the coarse dishes and green nature. As long as you look at the “purchase diary” on the table, you can know which village and family’s ingredients come from the table today.

Longjing Manor Travel Guide

1.Longjing Manor specialties

Specialties: Braised Pork, Unknown Hero, Golden Silkworm and Silver Roe Deer, Old Soup and Local Chicken, Thick and Thin Hair, Golden Cicada and Old Duck, Scrambled Eggs, Cordyceps Old Chicken Soup, Scallion Scrambled Eggs, Willing

Longjing Manor Travel Guide

The dishes in Longjing Thatched Cottage seem to be “bland and unfamiliar”. They are all fresh in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, fresh in the mountains, fresh in lakes and fresh in the lake. One of the famous dishes of the town hall is “Tuba Bu’s face”, which uses Hangzhou aquatic native step fish. This fish is very small and tender like tofu. Its two half-moon-shaped cheek meat is the freshest on the cheek. It only takes these two pieces of “boiled watercress” meat, and a bowl requires hundreds of fish. Its allusions come from Soong Qingling’s banquet for famous foreign guests. Unfortunately, this dish is only available in spring.

2.Other information of Longjing Manor

Per capita: ¥ 796
Dish: Jiangsu and Zhejiang cuisine
Phone: 0571-87888777
Address: No.10 Jilong Mountain, Longjing Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 10: 00-14: 30 17: 30-21: 30
Transportation: Take bus 27 / K27, Y3, Y6 and get off at Nantianzhu Station

Ⅱ.Travel guide around Longjing Manor

1. Surrounding hotels

①Hangzhou Radisson Longjing Manor

Price: ¥ 988
Distance: 0.4km

②Hangzhou Qijiantang Art Hotel

Price: ¥ 425
Distance: 0.4km

③.Longshang · Xihu Boutique Homestay

Price: ¥ 428
Distance: 0.5km

④Hangzhou Mountain View House (Manjue Long Road Branch)

Price: ¥ 463
Distance: 0.6km

⑤.Hangzhou Butterfly Love Flower Homestay

Price: ¥ 598
Distance: 0.6km

⑥Hangzhou Longshang · Xihu Boutique Homestay (Shop 8)

Price: ¥ 938
Distance: 0.6km

2.Surrounding Youth Hotel

①Hangzhou Wangxingqiu Youth Hostel

Distance: 2 kilometers
Price: from ¥ 30

②Guyun International Youth Hostel (Xihu Branch)

Distance: 2.2 km
Price: from ¥ 35

③Hangzhou Daisy Youth Hostel

Distance: 2 kilometers
Price: from ¥ 39

④Hangtian Hetian Youth Hostel

Distance: 1.9 km
Price: from ¥ 40

⑤ Habitat Youth Hostel (Hubeiwan Branch)

Distance: 1.7 km
Price: from ¥ 40

3. Surrounding attractions

①Longjing Eight Scenery

Distance: 192 meters

② Tao Chengzhang Tomb

Distance: 223 meters

③Zhejiang Revolution Revolution Memorial Hall

Distance: 265 meters

④Qianlong and Tea Culture Showroom

Distance: 319 meters


Distance: 319 meters

4. Surrounding restaurants

①Xizihu Four Seasons Hotel

Distance: 3.3 km
Price: ¥ 671 per capita

②Pushu · Hangzhou Hangzhou Cuisine (Qingzhiwu)

Distance: 3.7 km
Price: ¥ 85 per person

③Zihu Hall, West Lake State Guest House

Distance: 2.2 km
Price: ¥ 388 per person

④ Gui Yu Shan Fang Fine Dining

Distance: 1.7 km
Price: ¥ 629 per person

⑤Charen Village-a century-old classic interpretation of Hangzhou flavor

Distance: 547 meters
Price: ¥ 140 per person

5. Surrounding shopping locations

①Hefang Street

Distance: 4.7 km

②The most angelic cultural and creative book city

Distance: 5.0 km

③West Lake Scenic Area Xixi Wetland Scenic Area

Distance: 4.0 km

④Wushan Night Market

Distance: 5.7 km

⑤Hangzhou Lakeside Intime in

Distance: 775.3 km

There is a saying in China: “There is heaven above, there is Suzhou and Hangzhou.” You can see the beauty of Hangzhou’s scenery, it is well worth seeing. The delicious food is worth a taste. The combination of the beauty of Longjing Manor and the food is a must-go place.

The above is the Hangzhou Travel Guide, Longjing Manor Travel Guide.

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